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We are Gap Group

Looking back, we have achieved many milestones, but looking forward, we will shine even more brightly。 We're looking for talent to help us make the next decade as transformative as the last five。 

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Gap Foundation: How it all Began


Meet, be different

We took the street style of San Francisco to the rest of the world。

Where to go next? Leave it to you。

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Pay attention to the Gap


We like your style。

Forget what you know about old-school industry rules。 When you worked at The Old Navy, you took a different path。 From day one, we were on a mission to democratize fashion and make shopping fun again。 Fashion style + quality to millions of families around the world。 It's a bold idea。 If you're also interested, we'd like to know more about you。

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Pay attention to Old Navy

Bound by our values

Washing hands

Diversity and inclusion

From gender equality to promoting fair treatment around the world, we believe inclusion and equal opportunity are key to retaining talent and driving development。
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Let women speak up

Our P.A.C.E.The program is dedicated to helping 1 million women around the world exercise leadership, encouraging women to pursue their dreams, unleash their potential, lead better lives and benefit their communities。
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We regard environmental issues as human rights issues。 It is important that we all do our part to protect the environment。 Is that why we strive to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business。
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Female leadership

Nearly 75 percent of the global workforce is female, including 65 percent of store managers and 60 percent of management. Currently, about 91 percent of female executives are promoted internally or rehired at the vice president level and above。
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We're looking for real people。 Take chances, knowing that only with enthusiasm,
Patience and persistence bring about change。

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Senior Visual Display Manager, GAP China

I was one of GAP's first employees in China and accompanied GAP's growth in China over the past eight years。I am now in charge of the display work of GAP China, which is to build the store, enrich the shopping experience of customers and convey the brand culture of GAP。Prior to this position, I served as the store manager of GAP Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza store (GAP's first flagship store) and Shanghai Hongyi Store (located in Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street, Shanghai), and then promoted to regional manager, regional display manager, until I was responsible for the national store display。

As one of the representatives of American culture enterprises, we have always been adhering to the concept of openness, optimism, respect for the individual, teamwork and direct challenge。Because of these reasons, everyone's ability will be fully stimulated, and the team will continue to expand and develop。We look forward to your joining us。

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That GAP...

The reality becomes abundant and beautiful in the busy and full day by day, and the dream becomes accessible in the difficult and solid step by step。

A shop is a family, and the good running of the family requires the main responsibility of the parents。At ordinary times, I will share my experience with the shop assistants and pass on my experience to encourage and help the shop assistants。At the same time, I will communicate and learn with other sister stores in the region, share best practices, and maintain smooth communication with relevant functional departments of the headquarters to help the stores operate more efficiently。In this process, I gained a sense of happiness and achievement, and felt the growth of myself and my colleagues。

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Regional manager at Old Navy

I graduated from Xi 'an Jiaotong University and majored in electronic information. In April 2015, I joined Old Navy as a store manager. Together with my team, I prepared and started the journey of the new Utown store。Old Navy's brand culture, products and stores reflect a strong sense of American style。At work, we trust each other, encourage each other to grow, we are highly motivated, fearless, partners to create achievements together。In two years, I became the acting district manager, responsible for the management of 2 stores in Beijing and 1 store in Wuhan。In 2018, I was officially promoted to regional manager, responsible for the management of 6 stores in the Northern region。

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Shine Smiling


GAP Operations Manager

Just two years passed, from a retail layman to the manager of a flagship store, it is a small experience。The retail industry has changed the traditional form to show a new look of online and offline integration。In order to improve customer experience, each of us practitioners need to maintain a growth mindset and quickly learn new knowledge and skills。As a free and equal development platform, GAP is the place where I dream to set sail。

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That GAP...

Time flies, this year is the fifth year I joined GAP, I also from college part-time to MT project, and then grow to store manager。In my work, I always ask myself the question -- if we go shopping, what kind of good shopping experience do we want?It's easy to do one thing every day, but it's hard to do it every day。However, with the recognition and support from colleagues and leaders outside, and the constant thinking and exploration inside, I have the confidence to persevere and make breakthroughs in adversity。 Keep your curiosity and interest in everything and keep moving on! 

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GAP Account Executive

I am a student of The Retail Talent Alliance (Field Talent Alliance). I also graduated from the program this year. Now I am working as the operation director of the flagship store at 863 Nanjing West Road。

At first, when I had a part-time job as a student, I would panic and be at a loss. I would only deal with problems passively。In the FTA project, through a series of systematic training and the actual work experience of the store, I quickly adapted to the transformation from a part-time student to a supervisor of the flagship store。GAP was the right place to start my career, and I'm glad I took the first step and continued to grow with GAP。

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Our honor

Taiwan Service Industry Gold Award 2017
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China's 100 Best Employers 2018
Read this articleChina's 100 Best Employers 2018
2018 Public Welfare Award
Read this article2018 Public Welfare Award

Allowances and benefits

Scope of protection

A wide variety of insurance programs, including medical insurance, life insurance, accidental death insurance, disability insurance, short/long term disability insurance, international travel medical insurance and international emergency insurance。

Office gym

The company has a fitness center in its office, which is open to all headquarters employees. The benefit program is designed to help employees develop a more active and healthier lifestyle。

Employee discount Program

Good product discounts。


For the health of employees, the company arranges regular physical examinations。

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Support program provides help with a range of job choices and personal problems for employees and their families。 Provide confidential counseling, resources and information to employees to demonstrate their renewed focus on the job。

paid leave

We offer paid time off to ensure our employees have a high quality work-life balance。

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Talent Development Program

Campus Recruitment Program

"Dream big, dare to try young". The campus recruitment program aims to recruit young talents who are passionate about fashion and clothing retail industry to join Gap Group as management trainees and train them to become industry leaders in the future。

More information on the 2019 Campus Recruitment program

Elite project

Gap's Elite program is designed to attract young talent, rotate them through key positions and develop them quickly into future leaders。 We offer a variety of career paths according to your development needs and personal career planning。

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International Internship Program

The program is aimed at bilingual overseas college students seeking work experience in China and is designed to offer them a two-month summer internship in Gap's Greater China region。

More information on the 2019 International Internship Program